arcrylic painting lessons

Acrylic Painting Lessons

Levels Taught:

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

As my student you will learn very important basic to intermediate foundation knowledge of the painting process. This involves Color theory, Canvas preparations (wood, Canvas and other substrate choices), Brush selections, Mediums and thinning, Paint storage and reusing. We will work on transferring ideas from still life or sketch to canvas. We will cover brush stroke effects, blending, highlighting and work processes for an efficient and most importantly fun workflow.

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Acrylic Painting Gallery

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Acrylic Painting , Adobe Photoshop , Drawing , Graffiti Art , Painting , Photography , Digital Painting , Digital Photography , Film Photography , Studio Lighting , Event Photography , Graffiti Art , HTML Web Design , Image Retouching , Tattoo Art

Art Lesson Reviews from Take Art Lessons Students

Graffiti Lesson Review

Lesson Review By: Loran V.. Jan 8, 2018
Graffiti Art: Online

I had a great time in this lesson. I loved working on 3-D art. Joe rocks!

Graffiti Lesson Review

Lesson Review By: Loran V.. Dec 18, 2017
Graffiti Art: Online

great 2nd lesson. love the use of color

Graffiti Lesson Review

Lesson Review By: Jack B. Dec 13, 2017
Graffiti Art: Online

Jack loved his first lesson. Joe did a super job showing him the basics of graffiti art. He was both patient and encouraging. Off to a great start! Thank you

Graffiti Lesson Review

Lesson Review By: Chris Mar 22, 2017
Graffiti Art: In home

Joe was very thorough in his explanations on the Hittite and art of graffiti! Had a great time during the session!

Drawing Lesson Review

Lesson Review By: Chris Jan 4, 2016
Drawing: In home

Our son is enjoying drawings lesson with Joe very much. Joe explains concepts very clearly and in an age appropriate manner. He is also great at applying our son's strong interest in video game characters to learning different aspects of drawing.

Drawing Lesson Review

Lesson Review By: Jason Lord Sep 8, 2016
Drawing & Sketching: In home

Joe couldn't have been better. He was super knowledgeable about drawing and was able to focus on the areas I wanted to improve on and explain things in a really helpful way!! Would highly recommend.

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